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Reality of Success

Have you ever felt like as things are getting good, people you barely know seem more amped up and excited then your own closest friends and family? Anything from getting promoted to a better job, signing a record deal, or even getting selected for a one-and-one interview with Oprah. At some point reality hits and you notice that strangers are more supportive then the people you would expect to be happy and proud of you… which are the ones you trust the most. And may I ask, “Why is that?” Now that I'm experiencing this I can finally write about it and let you know my little input.


It's true when they say, when you reach new levels of success, you are going to have to start distancing yourself from some of the people who you care about. In order to be comfortable with your success, you need to be around people that are on your level. They don’t have any reason to really hate on you because, they’re handling their own shit. (Yes, I'm going to give to you real!!!).

I believe that the friends and family that hate, don't have the motivation to match your accomplishments, so they find it hard to be fully proud of yours. In the back of their mind, they are wondering, “Why couldn't I do that?” Truth is, they can't be sincerely happy for you because they are dissatisfied with their own lives. Don't get me wrong, you also have those who are influenced by your life, that notice you’re doing good, and instead of making themselves feel bad they do the opposite. The ones who think, “If she can do it so can I.” And to be honest I think that isn't a bad thing, unless you turn too competitive.

Regardless, before I bring this to an end, I want you to know when you see yourself rising up to a new level and the people that were in your circle start drifting away little by little. Just remember everything happens for a reason. Believe this when I say, people come and go; once you are persistent in accomplishing your goals, those right people will start to fall right on your lap. Keep your head up!


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