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Birthday Blessings

When do birthdays start to get overrated? At what age do you be like; “it’s just another year no biggie.” I realize how depressed my life is when an ordinary person turning 31 would be all turnt up and can’t wait to plan something or even go somewhere special. But NO NOT ME!!! Don’t get me wrong I thank God for blessing me to see another year but for some people like myself it’s hard to find the joy and happiness when you feel deep down inside your not where you should be at this age. Yes, some people may look at me and think Wow! She’s doing pretty well for her age while in the back of my mind I can’t wait for my breakout call to fall flat on my lap. Guess it’s true ya’ll; “The early bird gets the worm.” LOL. If someone told me by the time you're 31 consider yourself a party pooper who doesn’t celebrate birthdays anymore. I would have cracked up with laughter; isn’t the 30’s the new 20’s but with a redo? Who wouldn’t like that? Let me tell you who; only a perfectionist like myself which is why it’s hard to find the main source...which is Gratitude!!!

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