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Do You Belong?

How do you know when you don't belong?

Is it the time your sitting in a holding cell all because you refuse an option to the rights you thought you had? Let me repeat; refuse an option to the rights you thought you had. Yea, the same rights they claim we have but when we choose to react on those rights that's when all hell wants to break loose. Or we can change the scenario around a bit. Slavery over a job; meaning working your 40 hours a week plus some to no recognition nor any appreciation. Then before you know it someone with less experience, kiss ass mentality out of nowhere came in with your promotion who didn't even touch a quarter of the work you put into that crappy ass company. Seem too familiar don't it? Before I bring this to an end I have to give you one last scenario to butter it all off with. You got people who wants to belong to people, jobs, things whatever they can to lay their hands on. In doing so sometimes it takes them selling their souls in the process. So how do you know when you don't belong; it's simple! "When you just don't give a FUCK!"

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