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Do You Know Which is Best For You?

What are you suppose to do when no matter what you have to take care of you! Doesn’t matter if you have a partner for life, behind it all it’s still you! You can have a partner that helps you with the kids but not so much financially; and then the financially ones don’t have time for you much less the kids. Where it lends back to you...which one can you cope with? Let’s face it; no there is no such thing as a perfect match. And no; they will not have it all. So again I ask; Which one can you really cope with? A lot of people out there say money can’t buy happiness but then there are people out there who believes without money there is no happiness. Not realizing it but at the end they are both saying the same thing which is; in this world we are living you still need someone! You just have to know which type of partner is easier for you to live a healthier life with. Hear it when I said YOU! It still runs back to YOU! Hope you know which is best!

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