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Just when I thought being sober was the hard part; imagine working at a job you can’t stand! Then after working for 2 years with a promotion under all the stress I was going through; insomnia, anxiety, depression they have the nerve to plug the plug on me and let me go. No not because I was one of their best employees but because I didn’t sit well with the other employees! Did I do something wrong to them, no! Did I sleep with one of their men, no! It was just simple they saw too much potential in me that they envy me! So how is a person supposed to take that? When you do the best that you can and just like that it can be taken away from you for no reasonable reason. I didn’t ask to be the person I am, I just am! Like dame it! Is this the feeling talented people go through before they make it big? A Lot of rejects and people hating you on the low? I have to say this is just wrong and cold, it's like they forgot that I’m a person who has feelings too, who’s a mother and a wife that has to provide. Sometimes I do wish people could really take the time out to get to know the real me instead of what they see on social media. People's life ain’t peachy perfect and I’m certainly not! So why judge and try to make other people's life harder than it is? Yes, you can say I’m a pro when it comes to covering up my feelings only because I feel people are more interested in what's on the outside more. It’s rare to find someone who truly wants to know the real me then what I do. Like the title stats; Don’t judge a person by their cover because what you may learn inside is much more beautiful!

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