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They ask what makes Christmas so special? Is it the gifts you received or is it the time you get to spend with family? Everyone has their own opinion about this and trust me you can’t be wrong either way. I have to say for myself it’s both. It’s the time when family and friends come around to share joy and laughter, while still having that little bug in their ear of what they got this year. Amazing isn’t it! Like who wouldn’t want to open up gifts around loved ones! Yea, yea I know some people believe everyday should be like Christmas but let's just face it; not everyone can afford all of that; in my eyes sounds like an excuse LOL. Which is why people choose to wait for that special day so it will mean more than just any old regular gift. So as I bring this to a closing; what does Christmas mean to me? It’s simple; sharing that time with unconditional love while appreciating your blessings.

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