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Ready For This New Year?

How do New Year really make you feel? Does it give you joy or do it give you anxiety? Joy to the point where it’s a new beginning, fresh new start, something to look forward to a new resolution. There is no better way than to use that excuse; whatever happened in the past stays in the past. But is that really it? What about those feelings of nervousness, feelings of will this year be better then last? Or even being scared of not having those old habits cruel back into your life knowing all the pain it brought in your life. See this is what makes every New Year tricky in my eyes because you never know if it will be better for you or worse from before. It’s like you have to cross those fingers hoping and praying that you will get some type of justice during the process. Moving forward will always be a challenging thing to do mainly because you don’t know what the ending results will be. It’s either going to be bitter, sweet or bittersweet no one knows! That’s why it’s best to take it day by day with goals of course in the back of mind and before you know it, you made it through another year with some things no longer needed but more things gained.

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